Linn Stenholm fitness 2020

A turn on my goals!

Hey, I try to keep my workouts energized and fun to stay motivated and it can be all from workout with people that makes me smile, workout alone, have a date workout with Daniel (that’s fun every time). I have lost a couple of pounds during the last weeks because I been sick and it
Linn Stenholm weekend 2020

A different weekend!

Hi, I’m back at Sats – at least for a month or two until I have decided if it’s gonna be my second gym or not. I need to have a place closer to home so I’m going to try the gym where I worked out before. The sad thing is that I haven’t been
Linn Stenholm Hemsedal Norway Christmas

Skigaarden, Hemsedal!

Hey, I just want to share with you some information about our stay, except only ski pictures. I hope you find it interesting and maybe a place where you would like to travel next time. This place, Skigaarden, where we stay now is probably the most luxury place we have stayed at for skiing. Our
Linn Stenholm Hemsedal Norway Christmas

A white Christmas!

Hey ho, Hope you had a great Christmas eve together with your loved ones. Yesterday on the 24th we were out skiing to around 2 PM and it was a bit foggy so sometimes we just saw two meters in front of us and it was a challenge but fun. Later we played some cards
Linn Stenholm skii Hemsedal Norway

Changed plans for Christmas!

Hi, As you might know I have had a couple of hard days but it’s better. I had some good short workout done and I feel better mentally today and yesterday than I have done the days before. Saturday we had two family dinners and I most say that my family is very supportive and
Linn Stenholm fitness back to business
Hi you, How are you? For me it have been a mess the last week and I’m not really myself and I have a hard time accepting that. I have been tired, not wanted to workout, can’t find the fun in it or I get to the gym and when I get there I just