Linn Stenholm Weekend

Team shrimps?

Hi, I’m getting tiny, soon I can join team shrimp haha. I’m getting less and less body fat and my clothes just get bigger and bigger on my body. Feels good and it’s incredible what you can do with your body with the amount of food and training. I’m still happy most of the time
Linn Stenholm Fitness

A good flow!

Hi, I’m right now in a good flow and that feels so good, it’s a combination of my diet, training, sleep and work.  My diet works well and I feel good and not empty in the head “yet”  and my workouts feels good and strong and work goes good. Days are going fast, a bit

A weekend in Amsterdam!

Hey, We are now on the plane back home to Sweden after a great weekend in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I flew to Amsterdam Friday morning to meet Daniel for some time together and he have been there all week for a conference. I have realized that it’s easier to have quality time together if I fly
linn Stenholm Bikni fitness vacation Summer

Body anxiety for summer!

Hello, For a couple of weeks and I have been walking around in the bikini, spent every other day during the beach vacation, out on small walks with the dogs in the bikini and in the garden and just enjoyed the heat. I told Daniel; Imagine walking around like this in a bikini that is
Linn Stenholm Fitness diet bikini fitness

Lets talk about diet!

Hi, This morning during my cardio I thought about my diet, I have been on my competition diet many weeks now and haven’t wrote anything about it if I compare to my other competition diets. Lets talk about diet, the biggest difference this time is the length of my diet. My last one were 14-16
Linn Stenholm Vacation Bovallstrand

Swedish summer

Hey, My two weeks vacation is soon over and I have to say that I enjoyed every minute. Since we got home we have been at our summer house and the weather have been amazing, last two summers have been the best ever if you look at the weather. Sunshine everyday so far, done my