Linn Stenholm Vacation roadtrip to Italy

Driving to Italy!

Hi there, Friday evening I came home from Stockholm at 6 PM, packed my things said hi to Daniel and Baxter before I left at 8PM for Italy together with my family for a road trip. It might be crazy but I like to take the car together with my family to Italy, it’s so
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Do you even workout? no!

Hi, I had a plan to workout six days a week for the last weeks but it didn’t go like that. First week I got sick and didn’t workout for four days and then I had a few really good workouts and then I got my fever and nose blood back for four days. So
Linn Stenholm Plantbased växtbaseradkost
Hey, I decided during my diet that I wanted to eat less meat and more plant based. It would be easier to eat what I learned and what I grew up to eat but I have been thinking a lot. I can’t eat as I do and feel good about it and I don’t believe
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What about now?

Good morning, So what happens now? My competition is done and I had a plan to do one ore two more competitions but I end it here for this year. My thoughts are about improvements, I want to be more aware on stage, be better in my posing and build more shoulders and then back
Linn Stenholm bikini fitness SM+169 Redcon1

Swedish Nationals

Hi, I don’t really know where to start about last weekend it’s still a blur in my head and I think it might take a while before everything lands. I’m going out from that weekend with a lot more experience and a bit more knowledge than I had before. It’s was a great weekend with
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The work is done!

Good morning, It’s time, we are now in Stockholm at the hotel. Yesterday we drove from home at lunch time and it took about 4 and a half hours to get here. We had to stop about 4 times because I had been drinking so much water. In the car it was me, Daniel and