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All moods in no time!

Hello there, So now it’s only a few days left before my show, and the count down is on and so is my mood. I have been stable my whole diet more or less but not that have changed. When people ask Daniel, he always says that my temper is more stable on diet than
Linn Stenholm fitness diet

I trigger eating disorder

Good morning, I realized a big thing the other day, I trigger eating disorder in some other people and I don’t even knew about it. I know that talk about food and weight are sensitive so I don’t talk about it and I would never say something about someones weight because I don’t want to
Linn Stenholm Baby shower

Baby shower!

Hi, Monday I had a day off and that felt so good. One of my closest friend is being pregnant and soon to be a mum, just in a couple of weeks and I’m so happy for her. I already love their little baby and this Monday we surprised her at her home with a
Home made granola Linn Stenholm Healthy

Healthy homemade Granola

I veckan gjorde jag en egen granola, den var riktigt god och nyttig dessutom. Granola som man hittar i affären innehåller ofta mycket socker och mer än bara nötter och frön samt kostar en hel del för ganska lite. Att göra egen granola är ett enkelt sätt att veta vad som finns i de du
Linn Stenholm diet fitness
Hey there, I have now cut out all sweeteners in my diet and that means that we are in the end of a competition diet and I can’t be more excited. So no Pepsi Max, Nocco, Celsius and so on, now I start my countdown day for day. I have bought my jewelry, both earrings
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What did you do this weekend?

Hey, Did you have a good weekend? What did you do? Just have to say that I love weekends, in the weekdays I have have so much that all practical things have to wait to the weekend. Saturday I started with cardio for 1 hour, then breakfast and the directly to my yoga class. Yoga