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Changed plans for Christmas!

Hi, As you might know I have had a couple of hard days but it’s better. I had some good short workout done and I feel better mentally today and yesterday than I have done the days before. Saturday we had two family dinners and I most say that my family is very supportive and
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Hi you, How are you? For me it have been a mess the last week and I’m not really myself and I have a hard time accepting that. I have been tired, not wanted to workout, can’t find the fun in it or I get to the gym and when I get there I just
Hi, I have been working out this week and it good to be back and it’s crazy how fast I can fall out of routines. So I try to get back into my old routines where I do some cardio in the morning, work and then just get home leave my dogs and eat and
Linn Stenholm Fitness Decembercupen 2019

Competition in Lund!

Hi, This weekend I was in Lund, South Sweden for a fitness competition with a friend of mine. It was my first time backstage without competing myself and it was so much fun being a part and see all the great athletes and smell the tan. Me and Sofia drove down to Lund at Friday
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Technique training!

Hey, It’s good to be back with energy and focus in the gym. My off season goals is to get stronger and improve my weaknesses before I get on the stage again. Right now I do a lot of basic training as squats and dead lift, I want to get strong, lift heavy and improve
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Weekend is over!

Hi, It’s crazy that it’s already November, only a few weeks left on this year. Weeks are going so fast and I can’t wait to start a new week and be back at work, that’s at least how I feel right now. This weekend have been really good, Friday I had a late workout and