Linn Stenholm back to the gym

My first workouts and thoughts!

Hey, When is the right time to get back working out after giving birth? I think that’s very individual and it’s important to let it take time and have a good arrangement. I started with a short walk with the stroller the day we came home from the hospital to see how my body felt
Linn Stenholm baby boy

Mason, our baby boy!

Hi there, I’m so in love with our little boy, Mason. From just being me and Daniel and our dogs, can go and do what we want without planing and now we are five in our family and we do a lot more planing if we are going away. But I like it and now
Linn Stenholm Vacation family weekend
Hi, We are getting closer to an end on our vacation, so let me summarise week  two of our vacation. Week 30 was great weather almost everyday and we really enjoyed that, we have had a lot of family and friends over at our summer house and we had an amazing time together. Our activities
Linn Stenholm Vacation Bovallstrand

Week one on our vacation

Hi, Our first week of vacation did we spend quite chill and just relaxed and the days it was bad weather we went to our work a little bit. For me one day and for Daniel 3 days and that felt good. Spent most my days that week reading a lot of books, slept, watched
Linn Stenholm fitness workout
Hi there, Right now it’s not possible for me to have a good continuity in my workouts, some weeks I can workout all days in a row and some weeks I’m happy that I got 1 workout done. And mentally that have been the hardest for me, I have tried to work with it and
Linn Stenholm fitness Redcon1
Good morning, How are you doing? I must admit I miss caffeine, a lot. I need it in the morning to be a good human being and not a monster and also sometimes before or during my workouts when I need a push forward mentally. The only caffeine I get now are in Pepsi Max